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My name is Tammi and I am trying to break into the world of blogging……the technicalities of it are a bit confusing to me as I start, but I’m determined.

I am a mother, daughter, and grandmother. We are together THE THREE GIRLS! And although having to pay bills hinders our wanderings, we roam as much and as far as possible trying to cram all we can in to these wonderful times we have together.

My granddaughter’s first road trip occurred when she was three months old – to the colorful city of New Orleans. She of course will never remember being there but it was a grand time. Mardi Gras had been the week before (nah, a three month old would have maybe been damaged for life had we done that!), but we still were streetside for parades during the week. Baby sure didn’t take her eyes of the stiltwalkers for a second! It was all wonderful.

I’m trying to just ‘introduce’ myself here as I try to figure out how to get this blog out into cyberspace. If you’ve tumbled onto my blog, hang with me please. I promise good readings and provoking thoughts ahead.