Today’s Sorrow

I am literally sick and trembly as I write this post. I have just now learned of the grandmother who brutally stabbed her grandson to death in Florida.

Nothing makes my breathing as shallow, my legs as trembly, my heart as heavy as a cruelty such as this bestowed on a child.

Please stop a moment and let this family’s presence fill your hearts. That is prayer. Those who take it further, lift this family to the Almighty. Evil mankind has struck again.

10 thoughts on “Today’s Sorrow

  1. Yes, this is so true. I don’t get angry at God when these terrible things happen to children, but I do experience feelings of desparation that seem to just stay ‘out there’ somewhere with no resolution. When evil hits the precious little children it just overwhelms me. God is the only one who can comfort the evil that man bestows, and any little thing I can do while I’m here to ease a burden or be a witness and light for Jesus I pray I’m always open to see His guiding towards. Thank you for the comments. Until we talk again, may God bless your every moment.


  2. How awful. I hadn’t heard. Yes, it sends chills down our spine when we read of such horror. When non-Christians question God’s goodness, I understand their doubt. Haven’t we all wondered this at times? And even if you explain how it isn’t God, it’s people, they question God’s power. And then if you talk about man’s free will, they still question God’s wisdom. Let’s face it. There is evil, real evil, in this world. Jesus Himself said Satan is the ruler of this world. For those who refuse to believe, there is nothing we can do but live a life worthy of God’s love and when someone is earnestly seeking, then share His love the best we can.
    God bless. (Thanks for the follow.)


  3. I hate pressing like on comments like this, only because it is a terrible thing that happened. I only liked it cause I’m aware of what’s out there. Thanks, Tammi, hope all is well with you!


  4. You are a brave soul! I look forward to learning more of you! Stop by anytime and welcome to the Bloggosphere. You are a beautiful woman of wisdom. We need your thoughts. Do not give up. God has a purpose for you. Even if it is only to hold parts of his aching world. 🙂 Prayers!


    • I had to blink back tears when I read your comment ‘hold parts of his aching world’…..Thank you for this post…….and you too are holding parts as well… this case, ME! I look forward to your future posts.

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  5. Hard to press like…I had not heard of this. It is almost too much for me to listen to the news or read newspapers….there is so much violence and negativity! Anyway….thank you for stopping by my blog. I am glad it brought me here. Blessitude ❤


  6. Such an awful thing! There’s so much ugliness in the world, and people “blame” a God who can let these things happen. But they forget that God is the “Good One.” These things are the works of the evil one, Satan and his followers who enter the hearts and minds of people.

    And he delights in such things as this! he’s the true monster!!

    Calm yourself knowing that a prayer to God for the child, (and the grandmother), would be helpful.

    The True Light


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