Shake A Leg!

Hello Blogger Friends!

I’ve had several comment that they had checked in to see if I had a new post so I wanted to drop a few words to tell you why I haven’t.

My granddaughter – who has put the gleam back in my eyes – starts kindergarten in less than two weeks. I took the biggest part of this week off from work to spend it with her. We are both thoroughy enjoying our time together but I am spending my evenings resting now rather than writing.

The ‘Shake A Leg’ title? Every once in awhile she and I get the cheap feather boas out and dance and sing all over the house. Not only does that definitely promise me a good night’s sleep, but I’m picking up stray feathers for the next week!

God Bless You Each and Every One – and I’ll be back to blogging hopefully this weekend.


6 thoughts on “Shake A Leg!

  1. Tammi, dancing around with feather boas sounds like a super activity to be doing with your lovely granddaughter. Not to mention that it’s probably very good exercise for both of you. I’ll remember this activity for when I have granddaughters.


  2. What a sweet blessing you have in your granddaughter! I have 3 grandkids, (one girl, age 10), and they are all so beautiful! We’ll look forward to more postings from you.

    The True Light


  3. It’s tough sometimes to sit down and blog but with an adorable grand daughter, I know it’s twice as hard. I just have my cat, my dog, and my fiance. All girls, and they all keep me going everyday. I like finding southern profiles. I’m from the south so I enjoy reading about other’s experiences. Thanks! 🙂


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