To Those Who’ve Clicked ‘Follow’

Hello Blogger Friends,

My granddaughter is back home with Mom (my daughter) and Dad (who has been like a son since the days I taught him in Sunday School many years ago). I’m spending today catching up on posts and comments and wanted to drop a few quick words to let you know I’ll also be spending some time setting up my other pages as well. Thank you for all your comments, which have already been an immense blessing and source of inspiration. This ‘Home’ page is where I’m looking forward to continuing those discussions, hopefully with a post here later this evening.

Until then, I hope you are all in the midst of the peace which can only come from God. May He bless you each and every one.


7 thoughts on “To Those Who’ve Clicked ‘Follow’

  1. Thank you for visiting ; I’m glad you liked my poem, “His Passion”. After seeing Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of Jesus Christ”, my heart was moved to write this poem as the suffering Jesus went through came alive. I am delighted to visit your blosite. It’s sweet and refreshing and I shall continue to follow your posts….Elizabeth.


    • I watched the movie again when it aired on TV this year at Easter. It is just almost unbearable to watch. Thank you for your kind words – I look forward to your future posts as well….Until we talk again – God bless you!


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