First Impressions of a Blogger


I’ve only starting blogging a few weeks ago and in this short time I must say that blogging is an adventure in and off itself.  I started out with the intention of getting myself ‘out there’ but it has turned into what is becoming a wonderful and powerful new part of my life.

I have found the most inspiring bloggers.  Ones who meld words in such a way that I find myself consumed, carried away to emotions that inspire, empathize, invoke, conjure – you name it – it’s here in the world of blogging.  I’ve found magnificent photographers who need no words to appeal to those same emotions.  I’ve vicariously traveled to wondrous lands where I could only dream of visiting.

But I’ve also found pain.  There are many who have and are fighting hard battles.  Who are utterly courageous in sharing those battles with the world.  Their courage to expose themselves a testament itself to the inspiration they share with others.

I’ve found ones who are questioning and searching for answers about and from God.  Those have left me no alternatives but to ask myself the same questions.  Then there’s the ones who flat out refuse to believe or have explained away the very existence of God.

One of the detriments to blogging that I’m encountering is the lack of laundry getting done, the dust balls curling up around the baseboards and the dog bones left on the floor that I step on getting out of bed in the morning.  I am being drawn to the blog world now and am consumed with each new wonderful post I find.  But, it is a pleasure that I am savoring.

Each word of inspiration and encouragement lifts my soul and confirms to me that I’m on the right track, to never give up on my dreams.  Be they big or small, a daily goal or one I hope to have accomplished a year or even ten years from now.  I’ve also realized that the experiences I’ve had in my life can enable me to be sources of inspiration to others, just as so many are inspiring me.

The wistfullness I feel when I think of some beautiful place like Greece, Australia, Thailand or any of the other hundreds of lands I’d love to visit has become somewhat diminished as I get to read and visit in beautiful pictures these and other wonderful places.  To have a first hand account and be able to speak with people living in these lands or on an adventure there themselves is a joy for me.

Above all, I know from whence cometh my help and God is speaking clearly and lovingly through most all posts.  Even those that are not directly speaking of God, I still hear His voice.  In searching to answer those hard questions from skeptics, my faith has grown greatly and I am blessed to have encountered even those experiences.

I thank you all for welcoming me so warmly to the world of blogging and greatly look forward to continuing this journey with each of you.  Till we talk again, may God bless your each and every moment!

Love, Tammi

42 thoughts on “First Impressions of a Blogger

  1. I am relatively new too, and agree with your description of the whole experience. It is all of those things – except, apart from later nights writing and veering off into those other worlds, I still manage to say Hi, to my husband and there are not many bones to date!.

    Thank you kindly for your interest, and subsequent ‘follow’. I do hope that you are well.

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  2. Tammi, you say it so well. I think most of us would say a hearty “Amen” to your thoughts on blogging. I have had to greatly cut down on my blogging time this year, and I must say I miss it, but my friends here have been very encouraging.


    • Thank you for your kind words. Blogging has blessed me so greatly in the last few weeks. But yes, there are times when I have to force myself to close my browser to force myself to get other things done! I look forward to your future posts and comments – you have been a blessing to me today with your words.


  3. Beautiful post. :D.
    I loved when you say that words of inspiration and encouragement lifts your soul and confirms to you that you are on the right track, to never give up on your dreams.
    Thank you very much for sharing. Best wishes, Aquileana 🙂


    • Thank you, Aquileana. How little I knew, as I wrote my first blog, how much my life was about to change by all the wonderful people I am talking with and the multitude of blessings being rained down upon me as I continually get lost in exploring the blogs. Bless you as you’re a part of this new life I’m so enjoying!

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  4. Hello Patty,
    I remember visiting my aunt years ago in PA, I can’t remember the name of the town-an hour or so from NYC, but I do remember being fascinated at all the antique stores even as a teenager (YEARS ago). She later moved to Seattle and I was then able to see the magnificent Mt Ranier. Nothing can beat the mountains of home though. Nice meeting you here and I look forward to talking with you again.


  5. hi Tammi, thank you for stopping by – I have met some wonderful people blogging. I did not know what to expect when I started and it has turned into a huge blessing. I look forward to getting to know you through your blog. Stop by any time! I live in PA part of the Appalachia mountains and actually the Appalachian trail goes through near where I live. My dad called it the “foot hills” of the Appalachian mountains. Not as grand as the majestic Blue Ridge but beautiful just the same!


  6. Thank you! Isn’t it wonderful the inspiration and the ‘lightness of our steps’ we receive from these wonderful blogs. I look forward to your future posts. Have a wonderful day!


  7. Tammi , I share the same thoughts as you about blogging…it is such an interactive and enriching experience…..I loved reading your post and look forward to learning more about your land and getting inspired from you…..:)


  8. Tammi, you have managed to bring tears to my eyes sorry that they quickly ran down my face as my 20 month old daughter jumped up in my face and yelled “QUACK,QUACK”. I fully intend on checking back in to read more.


  9. I loved this. Kept chortling with recognition as you described the joys and perils of blogging. I just know I’m going to enjoy following your blogging adventures and am honoured that you are joining me on mine.


  10. Yes, it’s awesome how this is a source that we can trust the comments we receive. I know I don’t click ‘like’ unless the post speaks to me in some way so I feel other bloggers do the same – especially with comments. I really enjoy them as I know I wouldn’t take the time to comment if I didn’t have something sincere to say. I likewise receive comments….which brings me to this: I truly enjoyed your post regarding turning fifty…I am fifty three and enjoying my life more than I ever have. And I too look forward to the next fifty. Be well and have a great Monday!


  11. Tammi this community of bloggers amaze me, like you say, out there you can find many adventures. Sadness and joy. What I love is how we can express ourselves and share our corner of the world with people far, far away who we may never really meet in real life. Good luck with your journey.


    • Consuming, you’re right – I sit down intending to catch up on comments and before I know it I’ve spent hours reading, totally caught up in all the awesome stories and experiences. Hope you have a great evening and a super Monday.


  12. Ditto on the cut and paste commentt– wow.. have we finally found our place in life?? My house is TRASHED most of the time now, my dog neglected…Clicking “Reader” is like opening the newspaper everyday to — my kind. Thanks for the great post, you are among kindred spirits. ❤


    • Yes, it’s like that for me clicking ‘reader’ as well – like reaching out and touching that love some of us have discussed. And it feels just like you say – kindred spirits – family! Be well and have a great Monday!

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  13. The dust bunnies and dog bones should be totally ignored when blogging. We are opening doors to new friendships, support groups and best of all – these are real stories from real people. Keep on blogging and see what’s on the other side of the door, and then add your own story to the mix. Instant blessings!


  14. Tammi, so much of this blog I could just copy and paste. It is a wonderful new experience that I am thoroughly enjoying. Look forward to sharing our blogs and seeing where they take us.

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