No Soccer?


I attended my granddaughter’s kindergarten orientation last week.  As Mom and Dad were talking with her teacher, I felt her pulling my shirt sleeve, trying to be patient for her turn to speak.  “How many days until I get to come here?” she asked.  Her eyes lit up even brighter when I counted off five days.

During dinner afterwards she asked her Mom if she had signed her up for soccer yet.  Mom reminded her, again, that they had decided she wasn’t going to play soccer this fall so she would have more time to get adjusted to school and homework.  I wish I could have captured the look she gave us.  The next words out of her mouth: “Mammy, will you do just some of my homework so I can play soccer?”  I think I’ve spoiled her a bit.

36 thoughts on “No Soccer?

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  2. Life without soccer? Hmmm … Could this be considered a form of ”child abuse” , I wonder?
    June 10th. Start of Euro 2016. I hope she will be allowed to watch.
    I shall follow developments closely.



      • As long as she has the support from the touchline I’m sure she’ll do fine!
        My two kids are soccer mad too and my godchild plays for the junior team of Wits University here in Johannesburg.

        Who’s her favorite player, do you know?


    • Oh how that is the one thing I regret about these precious little ones growing up – the loss of innocence, forced on them by the reality they have no choice but to awaken to. God bless you!


  3. I really hope she can do both. That is fantastic that she is interested in a sport. Most kids now just sit around and play video games. Hope all is well with you! I had to stop by and read your posts!


  4. Ha ha I think you have indeed ; )
    Really lovely that she has a grandma that she sees regularly and has a close relationship with. I had that when I was younger and I’m certain that extra love and warmth gave me the confidence in later life to deal with challenges. Bless you both.


    • Thank you! My granddaughter sure puts the spark back in my eyes that I didn’t even realize was missing until after she was born….I understand what you mean about the confidence. I raised my daughter pretty much alone and even though I am immensely proud of the woman whe turned out to be, I see a difference in the confident way my granddaughter approaches life as opposed to the more cautious way my daugther did. God bless you and your family as well!

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      • Thank you!
        I am an only child too and my mum raised me alone! We have much in common in many ways 🙂
        However I had a lot of time with my grandparents in my younger years and I cherish those times and feel thankful that I had them and my mum let me go enough to enjoy them too.


  5. Let the girl play soccer. Tell her mum I said so. All little girls should run and jump and skip and hop and kick soccer balls and dream of the Olympics, And after that do their homework.


  6. Wonderful encouragement! And an extra smart young lady…I know you are proud and thankful. My granddaughter spends the night with me each Friday and I can tell she’s going to need for us to do alittle dancing of our own this week to blow off alittle bit of this newness that she’s being introduced to this week. Thanks for the comment and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  7. She is very clever! When my youngest daughter started high school, she wanted to add 2 hours of dance a week to her schedule (she was already taking 13 hours a week). I suggested we wait until the end of the first semester, see how she was doing and if everything was on track, we’d add the extra classes. She responded — “I do better at school when I’m happy and dancing makes me happy so I think you should let me add the classes now so I’ll do better at school.” 🙂

    She added the extra classes — and has since graduated University with honours and is looking at grad school. 🙂


    • Her socialization skills astound me at times. This would have been her 2nd year playing soccer but she caught on to basketball better so timing worked out to have her wait and adjust to school for a few months. Thanks for the comment. I look forward to more!


      • Sorry Tammi, I didn’t see this comment until today! I’ll bet she always surprises you…and probably always will. I like the old saying: “Children are proof that God is not yet finished with humankind!”

        Enjoy your day,
        The True Light


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