Don’t Piss Heaven Off


It’s been a crazy busy week…I had everything moved out of my bedroom last weekend and now the only drawer I can get to without moving a piece of furniture is that for my underwear.  My clothes are hanging on shower rods and doorframes and my dog is thoroughly confused.  All week I’ve worked on getting Kilz on the dark paint on large baseboards, window and door frames and crown moldings.  Now I have the large room and sitting area to paint to get the room ready for new carpeting.  Then there’s been soccer practice and games with my granddaughter that I never miss, her dance program at the Merry Go Round Festival at the city park and shopping at Old Navy yesterday to take advantage of their 40% off sale for card members and using my rewards before they expired.  The three girls checked out with over $330 worth of summer clothes for only $23!  My kind of shopping!

But something has been niggling at the back of my mind throughout this past hectic week that I know I have to address.  If for no other reason than because it’s the nature of what someone who writes does – we put it down in words.  As I tossed it around this week, my little pink diary with the tiny little key that I had when I was a young girl came to mind.  The one no one was even to touch but me.  And then onto the journals I’ve kept throughout the years – again for my eyes only.  I still do keep a handwritten journal but now for only one purpose:  to record eventful days and trips for my granddaughter for her to have years from now.

Now I have graduated to a much larger ‘diary’ – one that is open for the world to read and is no longer for my eyes only.  One that I share freely and still remain true to myself.  Nothing fluffed up, nothing fabricated – just the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  But one that I still go to when something wonderful has happened, or something is deeply bothering me.  Which is where I find myself to be now.

I stumbled upon an article last Sunday that has haunted me ever since.  I’m going to share it with you below.  Not to cause a haunt to come upon my cohorts, but to let you see where I’m coming from when I can finally get my thoughts around each of the 28 points contained in the article and post them here in my ‘diary’.  As long as I can remember, the biggest tick that’s ever gotten the best of me is being accused, doubted, even considered to have done something that I haven’t done.  This article lumps everyone who is a Christian into this tick of mine.  And what’s worse, it’s from someone from the South – one who lives and breathes the same Southern air as I do.

What does all this have to do with Steven Tyler, you may be wondering?

I will be vacationing in Maui in June.  I’ve learned since planning the trip that Steven Tyler – among a large host of others if I would name you would all recognize –  has a home there and roams the island just like anyone else.  I asked myself how I would react if I turned the corner at Food Land while on the island and he’s there picking up a gallon of milk.  And what instantly came to mind is a song he wrote years ago entitled “Full Circle” – it’s not one you would know unless you are an Aerosmith fan – and music of most every genre has always been a very important part of my life.  To give you the gist of it, here’s a few of the lyrics:

If I could change the world like a fairy tale

I would drink the love from your Holy Grail.

I would start with love and tell ol’ Beelezub to get

outta town cause you just lost your job.

How did we get so affected

Cause love is love reflected…..

Don’t piss Heaven off — we’ve got hell to pay.

Ultimately, we do not stand judgement with anyone other than the One God who created this world and everything that all that man has created stands upon.  In turn, we are not to attempt to BE a judge of anyone who breathes – justice system withstanding. The hatred that is becoming a horror story of its own in our own United States is what the article I previously mentioned opened my eyes to.  Not that I don’t see it everyday – but just as a Christian I felt personally attacked for the first time and find it time to become consciously aware day to day how that can be reversed.  Ultimately, I know that is impossible – it’s all part of what’s to come and has been predicted through the ages by God Himself through John the Revelator. But I do not want to be a part of the hatred written about.  I am a child of Christ – and that, my friends, is love.  Not passive and complacent to all that’s going on, but to show love – regardless of one’s skin color, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.  Love does not mean condone – love means love reflected.  And if we fail to show love, we’ve got hell to pay.  The United States is coughing up that payment now.      Here:

20 thoughts on “Don’t Piss Heaven Off

  1. I clicked on the link but it pulled up a blank page. Though I have a different understanding of Christ than the traditional Christian, my values are mostly the same. Pilgrims came here to escape religious persecution, but it appears there is no place left to go to escape it. 😦


    • Yes, someone else had told me that they could not get the link to work so I checked myself and the author of that blog has removed the article….it was a re-post on her blog from another. I guess she had second thoughts…..I so agree, nowhere left to go. I am trying to come up with a word that adequately describes how I feel about our country these days and so far that word has alluded me….

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  2. Great post! Might inspire me to start posting again!

    Strong message. Agape love is very difficult for humans to understand much less demonstrate. Yet, that is what is are called to do. To truly love God is to love what (and who) God loves.

    Thanks for the follow!


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  3. Ooh I love synchronicities…
    I saw you’d been kind enough to like a couple of my recent posts and follow my blog, so popped over here to say ‘thanks’ and see what you were writing…
    …having spent the day first sending a pink diary with a lock and key to a young girl I know who is going through a difficult time and then moving furniture around in my bedroom so I can reach the walls and ceiling to strip and repaint! Oh, and I’m a HUGE Aerosmith fan! Hope you run into Steven Tyler!

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  5. Thank you so much for your comments! That article did bother me greatly for the reason you’ve just spelled out so well. It’s so frustrating to be misrepresented by those who are unwilling to be as open to our opinions and beliefs as they are demanding we be of them. All we can do is to continue to do as God instructed, be the light to lead them to Him, and leave the rest up to Him. It’s just hard sometimes for me to not bite back!

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  6. Well now her post was quite…derogatory!! You hit the nail on the head “Love does not mean condone – love means love reflected.” It’s funny how people have a hard time wrapping their heads around such a simple concept. If you disagree with them about what the bible says and using verses out of context they get upset and accusatory. When Christians speak out about their feelings on ANYTHING they are accused of being racist and not a good Christian. People want understanding but they only want it as a one way street! We as Christians are supposed to accept their opinions but they are not willing to see our point of view. They call it judging when in essence it is love being shown for their eternal life. If they do not want to accept it that is their choice. God tells us we are not to keep His word a secret we are to go out and spread His word. He gave people free will so they can either accept it or deny it, but in no uncertain terms we all will be judged by Him. It will not make me love someone any less and I will certainly not judge them, that’s not what God put me here for! Great post!!


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