I Learned A Lesson


I sat down with the intention of breaking down the 28 Reasons (see previous post) one by one.  I re-read the entire article again but this time I felt nothing but filthy for even reading it – a type of filth that felt ‘porn-ish’ in nature – an abomination.

I’m sure the author feels very strongly about each of the reasons she listed.  And my first reading of the article terrified and troubled me, as I said earlier, that Christians could be labeled in such a way.  And I still feel strongly that a response from me is required, if only to myself and to those of you who are reading along with me.  But the response has turned out to be quite different than my initial reaction.  That in itself is a nugget of truth that I need to remind myself of often – to think things through before I react.  And to listen to that still, small voice that, yes, speaks to me.  All that hear that voice know it and do not need to fear being in the group labeled ‘Christian’.  Those who hear the voice know Who stands with us.

That being said, my ultimate response to the author of the 28 Reasons is this:

1 Corinthians 13: 12-13

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known.  But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.

I have taken the author to my prayer room, that she will know that these comments are not done in love, in the spirit of Christ.  That her mind and heart will be awakened to the knowledge that this type of propaganda does nothing but fuel the hatred, to allow the talons of evil to dig even deeper into those the evil is seeking to devour.  Which is everyone who gives evil the crack to enter through.

So, my dear readers, I owe you all an apology.  My intention to not allow a ‘haunt’ to come upon you was, in fact, the very thing I did.  In my confusion, I was a means of spreading something other than love.  I sincerely apologize.

I have learned a valuable lesson through this.  To guard closely the words I send into the world.  If the words are not good and true and kind, I’ll not allow them at all – even if it’s to make a point as I was attempting to do.

Because if the words are not good, they are not of God.  And there’s only one other alternative to where those kinds of words come from.  I picture that heinous one gleefully rubbing his hands together and saying “gotcha”.

No more.

Again, I apologize.

May God bless each and every one of you.

31 thoughts on “I Learned A Lesson


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  2. Dear friend,
    I am in awe of you, that the very mercy of Jesus Christ, the very Love of Him is working so powerfully in you, I praise God for your gift.
    The first thing that God teaches us with Love is to take responsibility for our actions, and I have blessed to have you as my friend, I will try my best to read you blog more regularly now, as I am not completely assured that you are off Jesus Christ, who knows God might use you, to teach me something new?
    God Bless you.
    And I pray that with the precious blood of Jesus Christ may he always cover you up that the evil one cannot touch you. And that God may draw you closer to him every single day of your life. Amen


  3. Interesting comments. I’m always amazed at what some people write, or even think. But I’ve found an opinion is just that, an opinion. Not everyone will agree with me, but it’s their right. Doesn’t make them right. Good for you. Keep writing and sharing.

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  4. This is a common experience – lesson – from social media. I also try not to engage with those who post strong, harsh remarks opposed to my “sensibilities” (a word I chose just to be general about SM remarks beyond faith). Thank you for your reflection. It is wise and I will remember your words. Debbie

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    • Thank you, Debbie, for taking the time to read and comment. That lesson has turned out to be a much better learning experience than I even first thought. When I’m not trying to ‘defend’ my words, it’s not only ‘freeing’ but tremendously enlightening as well – really that I’m still learning from that experience even as I write or read new posts now.

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  5. My thoughts exactly – on mulling something over a day or two in the future….and you’re right — the link has been removed from the site it was on…..curious. It was a re-blog, so maybe the author of the site had a change of heart just as I did!


  6. Things always appear differently after a pause, a time to reflect on something that has happened. In this case, you feel that your words came too hastily and you spoke before you thought. I felt that you were speaking your mind – certainly as you saw things at the time. We’re all guilty of that at times. I haven’t read the 28 Reasons – the link didn’t take me anywhere – but they obviously bothered yo a lot. Perhaps leaving it a day or two before responding with a blog post might help next time.

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  7. I see your point….backing down to speaking my beliefs, in light of how you’ve pointed this out, would be a form of condoning the very things I do not believe in. And that’s the last thing I would ever want to do. Thank you for taking the time to respond with the eye-opening comment!


  8. Tammi, first of all, thank you for stopping by the Cow Pasture and welcome to the Fence jumpers. Secondly, you do not owe an apology (in my humble opinion). I read the 28 points and dismissed it. The author wanted to shame those of us who do not hold her liberal values into acquiescing to her point of view, to which she is entitled. I couldn’t disagree with her more and I make no apology for my beliefs or values. People can disagree, hold different beliefs and values without being disagreeable.
    For the longest, a segment of the population has (quite successfully) muzzled those of us who do not agree by shaming us, calling us bigots, and any number or other names. You have every right to speak your opinions and beliefs, as much as the next person.
    Having said that, as a blogger with a platform, one must decide what impact they want to make with their words. Some who think differently, troll the internet just to pick a fight. Do not engage by replying to comments that can start a word war. If you want to write an opinion piece that may be controversial, ask yourself one question. Am I writing this piece? If you believe it is the right piece to write – do it and state that you are closing comments. It’s your blog, you don’t have to entertain ugly or disparaging comments.
    Just my tow cents worth.
    @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles

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    • Hi Laurie! There is a link at the bottom of my previous post from this one – the one entitle “Don’t Piss Heaven Off” – it was a post I came across that really upset me initially as I was hit between the eyes with how some people view Christians. But as I thought about it, responding to it would have been on better than what the author of that article was doing….Hope you have a great weekend!

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  9. I did not read the 28 points post due to this post and how strongly you feel about it. If it’s a negative commentary then I’m not interested in bringing that into my world. Which is the wonderful lesson that you learned. It’s ok that you learned it this way, don’t dwell on the negative, dwell on the positive of this lesson. You have decided not to put forth into the world negativity and unkindness, yay you!! May God Bless you too!! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Deb…..and yes, that is exactly what I learned. I’ve never been one to ‘spread’ negativity in that way in my day to day life so it really crept up on me that I had done so in writing, In no means trying to make an excuse, and just being honest with you here, I got caught up in blogging…..trying to ‘respond’. And I learned that in the blogging world, the written word is ‘who’ we are to each other – and on a much deeper level, usually, than those we come into contact with during our days. I am glad knowing, by your comment, that I least prevented one – you – from the negativity that I posted. Thank you so much for letting me know that.

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      • Now move forward, leave it in the past so that you give it no more life, forgive yourself and set yourself free! You are a good soul…wishing you a freeing weekend!! xo 🙂

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  10. God is good. He is a great Teacher shining His Truth without condemnation or requiring us to grovel and punish ourselves and putting ourselves on timeout until we feel we’ve paid enough for blowing it. Thank you for your tender heart. May I always be so responsive to the Holy Spirit’s coaching!

    Jan ♡

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    • Thank you, Jan, for your comments. My life has been a continual ram against one brick wall after another before I’ll just quit trying to do everything my way and let God have control. I guess that’s the one thing I struggle with most. But – as you said, I am so very thankful that He has the patience to keep guiding me (all of us) back on the right track when I wander off. May the rest of your day be blessed!

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      • We are His kids. We’re learning what it means to walk in the Spirit and how to be His Priests, Warriors and Ambassadors for the Kingdom. He is so proud of you! He’s not seeing each wobbling step with disgust or dissappointment. He’s got the biggest grin on His face as He cheers your every step! You go girl!!! Check out Graham Cooke’s sermons for more BRILLIANT PERSPECTIVES!!

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