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I read a post today by a fellow blogger who said she was considering giving up writing posts.  She presented the dilemma that it seems many of us are faced with today.  That being that if we express our feelings regarding what’s going on in our society , and those feelings don’t line up with popular opinion,  that we can be ostracized, basically cast out from society.

I was pondering on how I would write this post on the drive to work this morning.  That pondering went something like this:

Years ago, my daughter was awarded the Aloha Award at a luau she and I attended in Oahu for having the brightest ‘aloha spirit’ for the evening.  This was at the end of the evening, after she had gone onstage with many others to ‘learn the hula’.  The emcee went down the line speaking with each person and when he came to my daughter, he did a double-take and asked her question after silly question just to put her heavy Southern drawl out there for all to hear. We will be in Maui next month and my granddaughter is looking forward to her time on stage as well.  Now, instead of their wonderful spirits being the highlight, I cringe to think of the silence that may ensue when they learn from where they reside – North Carolina.

So let me just put it out there and not hemhaw around the bush.  I’m proud of reigning from North Carolina, now more so than ever.  NOT because our state is leading a fight against the LGBT and transgender communities.  That is propaganda that leads news stories.  I just saw a story on GMA where a man was ranting through the aisles at a Target store telling them they would all be judged by God.  Yeah, he will too.

I am terribly ashamed for those types of representations that North Carolina is receiving.  But that is not what is fueling our governor and state lawmakers to pursue the upholding of the HB2 law.  It is in no way a discrimination of the LGBT and transgenders. The opponents, and even now the federal government, have created that to be the issue.

The general public is unaware of the number of cases of sexual abuse commited against the children in this country.  Local law enforcement agencies operate under a cloak of silence in order to protect those innocent victims.

But if you wonder whether or not this is true, let me challenge you.  Ask someone who works in such an agency, and ask them quick.  The general comment you will receive will either be yay or nay.  If it’s no, thank God.  If it’s yes, that this is true in your county, then stop and ask yourself if what the opponents of this law are saying is a scare tactic holds any truth whatsover.  If even one child is put at risk, then how can we face ourselves to not support North Carolina in this pursuit?

The picture at the top of this post is a man named Ian Watkins – look him up.  He claimed to actually procreate children so he’d have them to molest.  I sicken myself even writing that.  But these people are out there, people!

Governor Pat McCrory is doing what no one in the past has done before.  In the face of any and all opposition, he is not backing down. He holds firm to protecting our children.  It is not a protection from the LGBT and transgender community.  This has nothing to do with them – and I cringe to say ‘them’ because that signifies an ‘Us vs Them’ mentality – this nothing other than the fact that people who identify themselves as such are raising the demands that they be noticed by using this platform. Which restroom have they been using prior to this debate?  The one they identify with.  Why pass a law allowing them to do what they’ve been doing all along?   Why create this issue?    If I have any discrimination whatsoever against them, it is that they are denying the safety of our children in order to be recognized.  And that recognition is self-imposed.  And ‘them’ includes ANYONE who puts our children in harms way – regardless of sex, gender, race, nationality, or any other facet of humanity.

This all started forty miles east of my home, in Charlotte.  I don’t know the details of how and why it all started other than the city passed an ordinance that would allow anyone to use any restroom based on gender identity. Governor McCrory stepped in at once and the rest is becoming history.  McCrory, I’m sure, has access to the records to back up his strong opposition.

Please do not discredit North Carolina as a whole by the rantings of misguided individuals who put themselves in the judgment seat.  I can still see the wagging finger of my grandmother as she pointed to her Bible and said “love the sinner, hate the sin.”  And who is the sinner?  I am.  You are.  Your children are.  Your parents are.  Each and every person on either side of this problem is a sinner. To me, it doesn’t matter who you are – I believe the Bible.  And the Bible says ALL are sinners and only by the grace of God are we saved.  No one can pass judgment but God.  We each answer for our own selves.  And I don’t want to have to answer for bigotry, hatred, violence.  But neither do I want to answer for playing a part in the misguided failure to protect our children in any way possible from this sickened world we live in.

May God bless Governor McCrory as he fights this battle for not only North Carolina but the United States.  May God bless ALL of our lawmakers.  May God bless each of us who see ‘them’ as being any different than ‘us’ – we are all His children – whether we acknowledge that or not. May God bless each and every one of you reading this.  And may God bless and protect our precious children.









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  1. I am from North Carolina as well and I am glad that our governor took this stand. With all the bad press we have been getting from this, people forget that there are other states that have ordinances similar to this. Are people boycotting them? Not that I have heard. SO why us? I don’t understand it. As a mom, I will back anything that will help protect my kids. It is unfortunate that we are losing sporting events and concerts and other events due to this.

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    • I so very much agree with you….this makes me feel like an alien in my own state – not understanding how we got here, basically alone, when as you say – so many other states concur with the very things we are being punished for.

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  2. Sadly we are in a world that needs God. Throughout history, when a nation turns their back on God there will be severe consequences. I totally agree that Christians need to take a stand for the truths of the bible. I don’t have answers nor do I even want to try but I do know you are right we need to protect those who can not protect themselves – our children. We need to continue praying for our Father’s help in our trials and tribulations. The power of prayer for all who are in need and suffer for various reasons can be a start for Christians to take a stand for what is God’s will for his people. The Lord loves us all and if he didn’t he would not have sent his only son to die a horrible death on the cross of each and everyone of us.

    John 3:16

    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

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  3. Hi Tammy, I have read your article (it’s very clear what you are saying). I’m quite frustrated reading some of the comments. Have they read your article? I concur with your concern and it is EXACTLY what I thought when I heard about transgenders being able to use whichever washroom they choose. I never thought about the transgender person molesting anyone, it was the fact that a pervert could take advantage of this that immediately caused me to reject such a decision.

    Surely, the transgender people should understand our reasons that we cannot oblige.

    As a grown woman, I don’t like the fact that a man (who may not be transgender) can come into the women’s washroom. Even if he doesn’t pose a threat, it is creepy. Perhaps I am discriminating men, but I would feel uncomfortable having a man (whether he’s heterosexual or homosexual) in the booth beside me and then as I wash my hands, he’s there (if he even washes his hands). It’s just weird. I should mention, normally, I don’t have anything against men. I don’t mind sitting in a RESTaurant with them, but not the RESTroom. Please tell me somebody understands how I feel.

    Well, I better finish this or else post my thoughts on my own blog. Which I may just do! 🙂

    I support and applaud North Carolina and pray that we all come to the conclusion that this is not safe for our children.

    ❤ carmen

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    • Hello, Carmen. I can hear your frustration and it mirrors my own exactly. My mind cannot connect around WHY and HOW the people who are screaming discrimination are not instead demanding that perverts, who roam with their eyes open for children they can easily molest, not be given an open door into whichever restroom they desire. The only thing I can come up with is that they are close-minded and associate the word pervert with transgender – and that is not what our governor is saying by a long shot. It scares, infuriates, confuses – just puts me in a place that I really can’t describe – that everyone, everywhere is not 100% in support of our governor. It feels like we’re living in a world amongst cold-hearted aliens.

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  4. I live in NC too and it’s a state under attack. I too agree with you about supporting the governor with the bathroom protection law, but many of my friends here disagree. Pat Isn’t popular in coastal Carolina anyways because he has made several bad decisions about our area. He basically chose to turn the billion dollar movie industry over to Ga, which has affected so many jobs here, and secondly he tried to get fracking in motion (and Woe) that was put the nail in the coffin for him. Obama relived of that worry thank God! It’s probably the only thing I’ve ever agreed with Obama about since I’ve heard his name. But maybe the governor will win this battle. Safety should be the what trumps above all else.
    Nice to meet you!
    Donna Xx

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    • I can understand from your comments why McCrory isn’t popular in the coastal areas……and even not living there myself, that’s disturbing to learn and makes me wonder what in the world he was thinking and reasoning. But the safety issue on this HR2 bill is what’s foremost to myself and most of those in my circles here. When the sickness of perverts can actually be researched and proven, it astounds me when someone cannot hear that side of this debate. Truly astounds me……how can they not? Thanks for your comment and it’s really nice to meet you, too! I look forward to us talking again.

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  5. Thank you for posting this I am glad North Carolina is standing up for women and children against perverts and rapists. You ABSOLUTELY have a right to your opinions and and right to express them. You can be proud to be from North Carolina..

    I just saw this on Walter Bright’s blog and thought I’d share it here:

    Let Micah’s declarations become your confession:

    I’m filled with power,
    I’m filled with the Spirit of the Lord,
    I’m filled with justice
    I’m filled with might
    I’m filled with boldness
    Micah 3:8

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  6. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:

    I would like to name my re-blog as: Why I believe in Violence.

    Ian Watkins is one reason. For people like Ian Watkins I would order a Hundred one-inch nails, (rusted ones, preferably), take up a hammer, and punch them in one by one all over his body. I would also see that he does not get medical treatment.

    It would seem that governor McCrory passed that law and stood firm on it in order to Protect Children from Abuse. If so, Kudos to that man.

    I am also coming to recognize that, just as there are ‘Large’ hearted people, there are ‘small’ hearted ones too. Like the MC who made fun of the little girl. Best thing to do in these cases is, Ignore them and Forget them.


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    • Thank you for the re-blog and your comments. And yes, our Governor McCrory has our children in the forefront of his reasoning behind pursuing HB2. And I respect him for standing up and not giving in to the tremendous opposition that goes all the way to White House.

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    • Thank you — this subject is causing a quiet, almost palpable dissension as most people are so perplexed by the whole situation and don’t know ‘how’ to talk about it. But it’s also a topic that could heal wounds as much as open new ones if it would be handled correctly.


  7. Also, that beast you mention who procreates to molest is disgusting but I am saying what we all already know. The point I want to make here is that I once saw pedophiles interviewed and they, themselves, said they will never stop because, as one in particular stated, it is inside me and no matter how many times I go to jail, I will do it again as soon as I get out. As I watched that interview I hoped the power holders were watching too and remembering his promise at the time of sentencing. One thing I like about our world now is that children are taught about “danger strangers” which did not happen at all when I was growing up. We were taught to respect our elders and call them Mrs or Mr no matter what they did to us. Awareness is key and shouting to raise awareness is the best way I know to achieve it. Hope your friend does not stop blogging, controversy is a great way to open and change minds previously shut.


    • Yes, I have found some comfort in how we teach our children of ‘danger strangers’ and as my daughter old enough to start having some independence, I starting enforcing in her the importance of being aware of her surroundings at all times….she now works in law enforcement!……With the higher powers going forward with all gusto to disregard concerns, it’s time my granddaughter has to face the cruel facts of this world at 7 years old so she will also be aware. It’s just heartbreaking that they cannot be children longer these days because of all the dangers out there.

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  8. Love the point you made “what rest room were they using before?” Says it all and so well. Having worked with victims of violence etc in the justice system here in Canada, I can share actual experience which is that 99 percent of the abused knew their attackers. Stepfather, uncle, marital partner, neighbour, work mate and so on. I will also share that I was married twenty years before a confession that rocked me to the core. I thought he was having an affair and wanted a divorce. If only that were true. We only have to look at the experiences of our First Nations relatives when in residential schools to grasp the horrors that known and trusted power holders used against those children. A dear friend of mine says she still hears the crying babies those predators threw in the furnace as soon as they were born. Pedophiles are everywhere and again, are usually someone the child knew or someone in a position of trust which the media has proved time and again with teachers, sports coaches and neighbours harming children. I don’t have the answer to how to stop it but I do know that staying silent never works and helps no one. Voice on, I say, the louder the better. And, for me, I say whatever rest room they were using before, just carry on because we have far bigger and more pressing issues that need to be addressed in our societies at large.

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    • Right on on all counts! As I said, I believe if even one child could be prevented from being harmed, we have made progress. And it’s horrible the marks that history have left as legacies. We all must use our voice to speak out against atrocities that occur in our towns, cities, countries, homes! Complacency, to me, is contributing to the problems rather than searching for answers. Thank you for your comments.

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  9. I was molested as a child walking home from school. I was nowhere near a restroom and the perpetrator was a well-liked heterosexual man. Personally I think members of the LGBT community are the least likely of anybody to be molesting children. I did look up Ian Watkins and I don’t see any evidence that he committed any crimes in restrooms or that he was gay or transgender. I’ve always been in favor of bisexual restrooms anyway, as I get fed up waiting in line at the womens restroom when the mens room is empty… and in fact sometimes I use the mens restroom in those circumstances. I hold nothing against North Carolina as a state and visiting Charlotte and Raleigh is something I hope to do some day. From what I have seen in photos it is a beautiful state. In any event, I appreciate you posting your opinion as you are right, sometimes that is a hard thing to do.

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    • As I keep repeating over and over again – I hold nothing against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgenders. And I, along with all of North Carolinians that I have personally spoken with, DO NOT CONSIDER TRANSGENDERS AND OTHERS IN THE LGBT COMMUNITY TO BE DANGEROUS TO OUR CHILDREN!! It is the perverts SUCH AS Ian Watkins who go to such lengths to satisfy his sickening cruelty to children!!! These distorted individuals WILL take advantage of a law that says ANYONE can use ANY RESTROOM they so desire!!! The adamant refusal by the LGBT and the lawmakers who are trying to impress the nation by supporting them is blatant discrimination against those of us trying to protect our children from THOSE perverts!!! Not the LGBT community!! And anyone with any intelligence whatsoever can understand this…..THAT is the issue and it’s discrimination on the LGBT side NOT the supporters of HB2!!!! HB2 would never have happened had someone from the LGBT community not made some sort of demand/complaint…..and as I’ve said before….why complain in the first place…..None of us are ignorant enough to believe that passing of a law to make non-discrimination against the LGBT – in regards to bathrooms – will change one iota of where they use the restroom now. IT’S THE DOOR YOU PEOPLE ARE OPENING to the real perverts of this world……PLEASE STOP THIS HARRASSMENT OF US AND SUPPORT OUR CHILDREN AGAINST THE REAL PERVERTS OF THE WORLD>>>>AND YES – I AM SHOUTING!!!!


    • You being molested as a child by someone you did not know – above others who have never been molested – should by far be one of the ones who understand what we are saying….IT IS NOT THE LGBT community — it is perverts such as the one who molested you and ones such as the monster Ian Watkins – who will stop at nothing to carry out there morbid acts — and opening the door to anyone who wants to walk in a bathroom and lurk WILL BRING THESE PERVERTS out of the woodwork!!! Please HELP US STOP THIS!!!


  10. Tami I too had thought that it was a waste of time to write blogs because I wasn’t sure if others was reading them anyway. But now I know not only to they read the red sox lady 35 blog but also rambling thoughts also. I am very thankful for people like you when you write a comment on my blogs and tell me exactly what you like and why. LOL Most people just say the like them but are they just being nice or do they not want to hurt my feelings. I’m so sorry for your loss and I do hope that somewhere along the way it gets easier because I’m not sure if it ever goes away that true loss of love. Have a great day Tami and come visit me again. I also want to tell you wonderful blog it is why I’m surviving the loss of my spouse and others who I have lost to one thing or another. May God keep you and bless you every day. Kat

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    • I am so sorry to hear you are suffering through loss as well – and you’re right – it never goes away – we just learn to deal with it along the way. And yes, I do read the blogs I’m following. I am guilty of sometimes only clicking the like button, but I never do so if I haven’t read the blog and do not truly like what I’m clicking on. So when you see my like pop, know that I mean it whether I’ve commented or not! Don’t stop writing! Your blogs are definitely being read – and I thoroughly enjoy doing so! Thanks for the comment here and may God bless you also!

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  11. Well, I didn’t keep my word, I finished reading. And I have to say that the staggering suicide rate among transgenders is heartbreaking. By my finishing the post it became apparent to me that there is only one thing I can do for these individuals. I do believe in the power of prayer, I know beyond a doubt that God is there. I’m not here to argue that point. And God does still work miracles. My prayer now is that God will comfort the hearts and minds of these individuals and heal them of their illness. I am not judging by saying this. I have been reading every piece of information by professionals that I can find – I am referring mostly to the finding of Dr. Paul McHugh at John Hopkins. You can research that, but I’d bet you’re already familiar with it. His determinations line up with biological facts that cannot be argued. I know I do not discriminate and I know the reasons behind McCrory’s standing up against even the federal government are not discriminatory. This entire debate is ridiculous. The solution is to provide a third restroom for anyone who feels that they do not want to subject themselves to the general public. That would be the only solution since there are sides to this debate and one of the sides are going to be the object of discrimination simply because those crying discrimination are going to demand it. I hope that more of our lawmakers will follow the example of our governor and make sure both sides are represented, not just the LGBT and transgenders (that’s a redundancy, by the way.)


  12. I haven’t read all of your post yet, I’m answering what comes first and that is this: Why – I cannot fathom, cannot understand – WHY does it not get through to people that it is NOT transgenders that we fear harming our children. It is the perverts who already take advantage of any opportunity that they can for perverted abuse of children. and yes—-you must not know anyone who works local law enforcement – it ranks at the top of crimes in all counties – sexual abuse against children. And it has nothing to do with gays, lesbians, transgenders – we are only speaking against the sexual predators and speaking up for children who cannot do so for themselves. BECAUSE the victims are underage children, they are protected – by law – by privacy laws. It is these individuals we cannot allow in restrooms – and opening the door for anyone to choose whether they want to go in the women’s room or the men’s room – invites them in!! I cannot hear anything else you say because you refuse to acknowledge this. Since you cannot respect me by hearing this and acknowledging and speaking intelligently me on this main issue, I will not give you the respect of reading the remainder of your post. I assure you when I hit post, I will go on to the next comment. Unless you can speak with me with the respect that each individual deserves, and which I am giving you, I will not subject myself to this immaturity.

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  13. I understand that you love your state, but the real harm being done to LGBT people with this law is not propaganda. There are zero cases of trans people harming children in bathrooms.


    There are no children to protect. If you wanted to protect children from predators, you would ban them from religious institutions. Google “children sexually abused by clergy.” Seattle just outed 77 sexual predators in the clergy.

    Your governor is no hero. Your governor is using fear to codify discrimination.

    What you might not know about your law is that it is also designed to prohibit people from bringing suits against employers and companies for discrimination on the basis of race, religion or gender. That is the real heart of it. It targets trans people because it appears it is easy to get the people of North Carolina to believe they are a danger somehow, while distracting attention from the true purpose.

    Your post makes me so sad, because it shows how easy it is to use what people don’t know but think they know in order to control them. Trans people are a danger to no one but themselves; the attempted suicide rate among trans people is a staggering 41%.

    Your post appears to be written from a perspective of defensiveness and justification. I would ask you, as one human to another, to do a little research on the law, and whether it addresses a problem that actually exists, and on trans people and the incredible difficulties they face.

    I’d like you to reflect on how this law would be enforced. Would anyone be able to demand to see the genitals of someone in the restroom? Would police stop and inspect genitals? How dehumanizing would it be to be subjected to such a search while just trying to perform a bodily function?

    And as someone who seems to be religious, I’d ask you to reflect on what this horrific, inhumane treatment of your fellow citizens, of your fellow humans means if you support it. In essence, participating in it.

    Let’s be clear. This law does not prevent child sexual abuse. If you research that topic, it’s not something that usually happens in public restrooms. It’s usually someone the child knows, like a relative, a teacher, or a clergy member.

    I understand this is a blog-post of a comment, but I really hope that maybe, possibly, it could get you started on peeling the layers, because this law is a whole different thing under the surface.

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  14. This is the second article I’ve read today on the issue of transgender. The first was about the rise in children with identity crisis in the UK ever since this whole transgender thing has been a hot topic. It really does leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.
    I don’t know if you’ve read ‘How Then Should We Live’ by Francis Shaeffer, but he mentions that the only outcome that humanism (or the lack of God) can bring about, is caos. (something like that).
    Thanks for being a voice on this.

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    • No, even though the title sounds familiar I can’t place having read ‘How Then Should We Live’ but I have noted here to read – If it means enough to you to have mentioned it, then it is definitely worth checking out. Thank you.

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        • How Should We Then Live? This is one of the first books we read as new Christians back in the 70s. (Along with authors like C.S Lewis and Watchman Nee.) It is also a series of ten films which the author Francis Schaeffer narrated and it was produced by his son Frank Schaeffer.

          I highly recommend it. Here is the first episode.

          God bless you!!

          ❤ carmen

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          • Oh yes, I have seen the 5 hot documentary. It is all 10 episodes together. My church here in Brazil is associated with L’Abri, Brazil. The pastor is the director of L’Abri. Those are all quality authors.

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          • Thank you, Carmen, for this post. I am astounded that this is the first time I have ever known of or viewed this series. I watched this first episode moments ago and can see clear correlation with our world today. The series seems to be heading in the direction to give clear historical facts on the basis and beginnings of Christianity. Thank you for pointing me in this direction, Carmen – and also thanks to stacilys for the same.

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  15. That is my wish as well. But, sadly, it doesn’t appear that there is even a possibility of that being a reality in this particular situation. I watch the news and see all the hatred aimed at ones who share my opinion, it’s so discouraging at being so misunderstood – I want to think it’s that rather than people choosing to accuse us of bigotry.


  16. Tammi, thank you so much for your thoughtful and articulate post. You have given me an entirely new perspective on the issue, and I appreciate your willingness to step out to do so. I agree with Natalie about the three bathroom solution, for safety and for equal rights.
    I wish there could be more respectful discussion on “hot button” issues like these, and less angry ranting and knee-jerk name calling. So much more would get accomplished, especially in the name of love and compassion.

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  17. The fact that it has become an issue is sad. Like you said…what restrooms were being used prior to this become such a public issue. This has brought negative attention to a normal thing and brought more fear based reactions to the surface. The real predators have been already been using the restrooms & any other means they can find. These laws will not change that. Focusing on the protection of children and other innocents from true predators is where our energy should be. The man you have pictured…what restroom did he use? He was a true predator and he wouldn’t be affected or stopped by these restroom laws. This shouldn’t ever have become “us” or “them” as it has only created more fear and irrational reactions. WE as humans should be taking more responsibility to be aware and informed….not afraid.

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    • I whole-heartedly agree! It’s a very sad, and very scary, situation when our own federal government is refusing to see the implications of what this volatile situation is evoking. Rather than being a government for ALL the people, they are choosing sides – which is one of the most disturbing areas of this debate. To where will that lead?!

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  18. Thank you! This being a place where we can express our thoughts, I thought that NOT presenting how I feel would be a bit cowardly. I just can’t find the right word to express how I feel about the state of our country right now…these are days I would have never dreamed we’d see.

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  19. Great Post Tammi! Of course you are probably going to get some comments that challenge your position but then, we can never please everybody so why bother trying. At least you have a voice, and have the strength to express it. More power to you! 🙂


  20. Yea for you! Yea for N. Carolina! I can’t stand these political jerks using less than 1% of the U.S. Population as a poster child for changing the 99%, and imposing stupid laws that will empower the opportunistic perverts more than make a transgender feel better.

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    • Exactly! Those of us who feel this way are the ones being discriminated against and our federal government is supporting it! And it’s beyond sad that that discrimination has the very real potential of putting our children – and any of us for that matter – into the paths of, yes!, the perverts! I just understand the country we live in less and less!

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  21. You have certainly made me think and that is what we we need to do think for ourselves and go by our own moral compass. The law does not mean that it is right or wrong when it comes to issues pertainin all things of moral and belief.

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  22. I really liked how you held strong and spoke your truth. I also believe many people are afraid of speaking how they feel, even though it is not with ill intent.
    I have been thinking of the bathroom issue myself. I see no issue with having a gender neutral bathroom. Many people could benefit from it. I like how you made the point that transgenders have been using the bathroom of their identity for many years. But, in making it law, anyone could take claim to it. Therein lies the dilemma, although it may be a small percentage, it is one that makes people concerned for many reasons that predators, not transgenders will abuse it.
    Great post.

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    • Yes, and it’s really concerning that our federal government is not taking such a stand – to consider all – that the concerns of those who do have problems with it are being taken into consideration as the ones who are screaming and blatantly protesting the ‘bigotry’ of it. It’s just an unreal situation that I never dreamed I’d see!

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  23. I agree with you and have posted on this twice. It is really sad. I made the same point in my Blurring the Lines post, because the former Bruce, now Caitlyn Jenner says that she will now use the “Ladies” bathroom in Trump Towers, which I assume must not have been the bathroom used before. I hope the Governor holds his ground.

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  24. Very well articulated. I am from Canada, so classified as a leftie by geography 🙂 I think most of the media uproar right now about a lot of things is just distraction techniques…trying to take the eye away from the real issues at hand.

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  25. You have a right to your opinions as much as anyone else does. Part of the problem in this country right now is that Christians are reluctant these days to speak up. We have been bullied into silence by those who don’t believe as we do and yet those folks feel like that can say anything they like regardless of how rude or crude it is. Everybody wants their views and thoughts to be respected and that goes for we Christians too. So yes, may God bless and protect our children. Perhaps instead on doing what the government proposes, we should have three kinds of bathrooms now–men’s, women’s, and whatevers. And I don’t mean that to be rude or uncaring, but their rights should NOT make our children feel threatened or uncomfortable. 🙂 ❤

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