Look Out Kids, I’m Gonna Embarrass You Now!


Me with Dr. Sandra Schultz

I told the truth when I said I hadn’t been anxious about hearing the results of my mammogram.   And it remained the truth until about twenty minutes before my appointment time.

As I walked in the door, that anxiety disappeared as I was greeted by the smiling Dr. Schultz herself.  She was sitting at the front desk, a highly unusual sight, and she laughed at my astonishment and told me not to get used to it that she’d be moving in just a second.  I stopped her before she could get away and asked for a picture.  She said “Certainly, come on in and we’ll get it in front of the tree.”

Before my cancer was discovered, I had known of a woman who had been diagnosed with a very rare, fast and almost always fatal form of this vicious disease.  Her doctor went to work determined to save her life.  She contacted colleagues all over the country with her immediate research.  Armed with all the knowledge available, she used her innate ability to read cancer and started an agressive attack.  I’ll not go into the details because those aren’t mine to share, but years later this woman is still cancer-free.  I believe that if God had not deemed it so, that would not be the case.  But I also believe that He placed her care in the earthly hands of Dr. Sandra Schultz, just as He did mine.

This is a story that could be repeated all day long.  There’s visual evidence of these stories all over the office in the form of quilts hanging on the walls, pink wreaths adorning the doors and artwork all up and down the hallways – all given in gratitude by patients and their families.  Not only is the care given by Dr. Schultz that of which gives hope, but the atmosphere of her office conveys an instant feeling of warmth, making her patients feel like family from the first visit forward.

As you walk up to the window to sign in, you are immediately swathed in that warmth by her receptionist, Brenda McCombs.  Of my many, many visits, never has this sweet lady failed to greet me with the most genuine smile and positive attitude.  The other members of the office – Stephanie, Lindsay, Ruby and Leanna – make the picture complete and they all bounce their warm spirits back and forth amongst themselves, drawing you into their amazing circle of healing.


Brenda MCombs

My granddaughter doesn’t know it yet, but on June 3, she and I will be joining Dr. Schultz and her team, The Blazing Pink Flamingos, at the Relay for Life Walk in Kings Mountain.  Brenda said she would surprise my granddaughter with her own pink flamingo:


Have you noticed the artwork and wreaths I mentioned?

As Dr. Schultz and I chatted in the examining room today, she asked how the trip plans were coming along.  I looked at her, astonished that she had remembered my telling her last year of our upcoming trip.  She grinned at me and said she’d made a note on my file so she wouldn’t forget.

In addition to being the tremendous doctor and surgeon that she is, Dr. Schultz is also a very large supporter of non-profit groups in Gaston County.  There were several raffle baskets in the office today, with proceeds going to various organizations.

From the standpoint of being a patient, it is very rare to come across this type of environment.  The dedication of Dr. Schultz, and her staff, is evident to any who find themselves in the midst of their care.  Not only was I blessed that my cancer was found so early, but my blessings were greatly enhanced by being under the care of this wonderful woman.  Her expertise is undeniable, her depth of caring is unquestionable.

Now, to my daughter, my son-in-law and my granddaughter, I say:  Look out paradise, here I come!  No holding back, no fears.  My feet will be as if they’re not touching the ground and I’ll be dancing to music, even if I’m the only one who can hear it.  I’m Maui bound, and I’m cancer-free!




121 thoughts on “Look Out Kids, I’m Gonna Embarrass You Now!

  1. Tammi, what an awesome doctor. It is indeed rare to find one who can give so much care and express so much love and attention to one’s life. I hope you are cancer free and thank God that you got referred to this doctor. I was fortunate to be referred to the grandson of Stanford Fleming who developed Neurosurgery in Canada, when I faced what I later learned was the world’s largest pituitary brain tumour. I had a 20 to 50% chance to survive it and I did thanks to God’s grace and goodness as I sought him and rested on Psalm 91 before the emergency surgery. We have much to be thankful for.

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  2. And I can see the Joy in you my friend, for you have surrendered your rights to the Lord. I thank yoi for that and I can assure you that the Lord will bless you abundantly if you stay on the way that is Jeusus Christ of Nazareth. Amen Hallelujah God bless you mu dear friend.

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    • See—you even said it yourself —- you love the positive! You are one of those positive lights in this world! When I was diagnosed, my mind immediately went to this doctor – no ifs, ands, or buts about it – from my knowledge of how she’d set out to help a friend of a friend in the past. When she read my scans before my first scheduled appt and called to tell me to come ‘now’, even though she scared the crap out of me, I knew I was in good hands.

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      • I try very hard to stay positive! There are a lot of negatives in my life, so positivity is incredibility important. 😃 It’s wonderful that someone told you about the doctor! If I believed in god, I would think that god did that for me! It sounds like you stayed positive, although no one can do it all the time.

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  3. So glad to hear you’re cancer free…I know cancer way to well..both my parents had it…and one of my Rottweilers…have a Great trip to Maui…Hawaii is Beautiful

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    • You are the second person I’ve came across in the last few days who has had a Rottweiler with cancer…..Maybe Rotts aren’t anymore prone to the disease than other dogs, it’s just unusual that both of the two cases I’ve heard of now were that breed. I’m so sorry – for both your friend and your parents. I hope you have a blessed day!

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    • Oh my, what a wonderful comment! And it couldn’t have been delivered at a more welcome moment….I tend to get more emotional during holidays, the loneliness and all, but my eyes literally bulged a bit before they glossed over with tears when I just now read this. My riches ARE great, and I am so very blessed. And even though I want to say right now ‘shame on me’ for feeling down, even thru my ‘down-time’ I still know how fortunate I am – it’s thru these times that I’ve come to learn not to be so hard on myself by remembering that I’m only human and some emotions just can’t be helped, just have to be lived through……that’s what your comment just did for me —- got me over the hump of the slump of the holiday we just had, and back in line for my tomorrows! I hope you have a grand, blessed day!!! Thank you!

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  4. Yay, Tammi!!! Such good news! I can see why you love your doctor and your clinic, too. Have fun at Relay for Life ~ those are wonderful events. And savor every moment in Maui.

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  5. What a wonderfully joyful post, Tammi. Your news is so good to hear and your praise of the beautiful , dedicated and caring Dr. Schultz and the rest of the medical team is heartwarming. Many congratulations (if that’s the right word) on your fantastic news. Have a wonderful, anxiety free holiday in Maui. .

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    • Thank you, Millie. I am truly blessed to have that group of people as caregivers! And I am already walking a foot off the floor in full anticipation mode for Maui! I hope you have a joyous Memorial Day Weekend!

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    • Thank you! I’m already walking a few feet off the ground…I’ll probably be decorating my desk cubicle at work next week – and that’s not something I’ve EVER done before! God bless you too – I hope you’re having a long holiday weekend – and I hope you’ll seek out a way to make it special.


      • I do I’m a Vet so because I have no family at home this weekend I will go and spend some time with a few friends in cemeteries who didn’t come home and then go to the VFW and spend so time with a couple of old WW2 vets that are left and have dinner with them. My daughter will have me over for barbecue on Monday and I will call my brother to wish him happy birthday and I will then go home and read a good book. LOL I hope you go by the Arizona Memorial while your in Hawaii it is awesome and it means a lot to a lot of people. I pray for continued good health. Take care and God bless!!!

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        • We’ll be on Maui for this trip, but I was on Oahu in 2004 and went to the Arizona Memorial. I will never forget the solumn-ness of being there. It is an experience that every American should thoughtfully experience as all of them entombed there gave their lives for the sake of America. And let me take this opportunity to thank you as a vet also for standing up for me, for each and every one of us that you and all of us call home – America. I’ve started a ‘blog Prayer List’ and I’ve just put your name on it. And I will sincerely be lifting you up in prayer – mlblogsredsoxlady35/lighthousekat.


  6. Have a wonderful trip! I love your spirit that just seems to jump off the screen. I, too, have a wonderful oncologist that has helped me become cancer free. She had some profound advice at the very beginning of my treatment. I wrote about it here. http://wp.me/plvyq-Px thank for posting your awesome news! Can’t wait to hear about Hawaii!! God bless!

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    • Now I understand your post earlier today about “moving into the journey”….yes, we are blessed to have such wonderful doctors…..they make all the difference. I’ve started keeping a ‘blog Prayer List’ – I’ve added you to it. God bless you and your family and have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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    • Yes! That’s the way I should have worded it — A Joyful Noise is what I’ll be doing…..I have Bible verses prepared to shout to the heavens the day we’re going to the top of Mount Haleakala for the sunrise……I almost tremble as I think about it now!

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  7. Wow, Tammi, that’s great! It’s so important to have caring doctors – my gynecologist, Dr. Wunschman, is one – she sorted out my Lyme disease although it’s not at all her specialty. She’s very dear to me and makes me feel safe.

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    • Yes, she is so very dedicated and genuinely desires to help all her patients. I asked her when she would be taking a vacation. She was smiling her special smile when she answered that if she took time off there would be no one there to help her patients – (she has her own practice). She said she and her husband take a long weekend here and there just to keep refreshed but no long vacations for her. Her dedication is real.

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  8. Beautiful, Inspiring, heartfelt Story! This was wonderful to read, and it’s thrilling to see you happiness after conquering that battle!!! I loved the Art and detail to the office as well, It’s nice to hear how happy your were with service, it’s always what I looks for as well. Keep Dancing and enjoying Heaven on Earth, I hear the music with you too 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this, your bravery, strength and happiness, truly spoke to me. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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