Look Out Kids, I’m Gonna Embarrass You Now!


Me with Dr. Sandra Schultz

I told the truth when I said I hadn’t been anxious about hearing the results of my mammogram.   And it remained the truth until about twenty minutes before my appointment time.

As I walked in the door, that anxiety disappeared as I was greeted by the smiling Dr. Schultz herself.  She was sitting at the front desk, a highly unusual sight, and she laughed at my astonishment and told me not to get used to it that she’d be moving in just a second.  I stopped her before she could get away and asked for a picture.  She said “Certainly, come on in and we’ll get it in front of the tree.”

Before my cancer was discovered, I had known of a woman who had been diagnosed with a very rare, fast and almost always fatal form of this vicious disease.  Her doctor went to work determined to save her life.  She contacted colleagues all over the country with her immediate research.  Armed with all the knowledge available, she used her innate ability to read cancer and started an agressive attack.  I’ll not go into the details because those aren’t mine to share, but years later this woman is still cancer-free.  I believe that if God had not deemed it so, that would not be the case.  But I also believe that He placed her care in the earthly hands of Dr. Sandra Schultz, just as He did mine.

This is a story that could be repeated all day long.  There’s visual evidence of these stories all over the office in the form of quilts hanging on the walls, pink wreaths adorning the doors and artwork all up and down the hallways – all given in gratitude by patients and their families.  Not only is the care given by Dr. Schultz that of which gives hope, but the atmosphere of her office conveys an instant feeling of warmth, making her patients feel like family from the first visit forward.

As you walk up to the window to sign in, you are immediately swathed in that warmth by her receptionist, Brenda McCombs.  Of my many, many visits, never has this sweet lady failed to greet me with the most genuine smile and positive attitude.  The other members of the office – Stephanie, Lindsay, Ruby and Leanna – make the picture complete and they all bounce their warm spirits back and forth amongst themselves, drawing you into their amazing circle of healing.


Brenda MCombs

My granddaughter doesn’t know it yet, but on June 3, she and I will be joining Dr. Schultz and her team, The Blazing Pink Flamingos, at the Relay for Life Walk in Kings Mountain.  Brenda said she would surprise my granddaughter with her own pink flamingo:


Have you noticed the artwork and wreaths I mentioned?

As Dr. Schultz and I chatted in the examining room today, she asked how the trip plans were coming along.  I looked at her, astonished that she had remembered my telling her last year of our upcoming trip.  She grinned at me and said she’d made a note on my file so she wouldn’t forget.

In addition to being the tremendous doctor and surgeon that she is, Dr. Schultz is also a very large supporter of non-profit groups in Gaston County.  There were several raffle baskets in the office today, with proceeds going to various organizations.

From the standpoint of being a patient, it is very rare to come across this type of environment.  The dedication of Dr. Schultz, and her staff, is evident to any who find themselves in the midst of their care.  Not only was I blessed that my cancer was found so early, but my blessings were greatly enhanced by being under the care of this wonderful woman.  Her expertise is undeniable, her depth of caring is unquestionable.

Now, to my daughter, my son-in-law and my granddaughter, I say:  Look out paradise, here I come!  No holding back, no fears.  My feet will be as if they’re not touching the ground and I’ll be dancing to music, even if I’m the only one who can hear it.  I’m Maui bound, and I’m cancer-free!




121 thoughts on “Look Out Kids, I’m Gonna Embarrass You Now!

  1. The attitude of your doctor and their staff is so important. When her doctor treated my mother shabbily, I told her not to go back and referred her to mine. She’s very glad she did. A cold, clinical and uncaring environment isn’t conducive to healing.

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    • I totally agree. It’s rare these days to come across those in the medical profession who have the ability to be a positive factor in their patient’s treatment in both the emotional and physical aspects.


  2. Wonderful to know you found an excellent doctor, who could inspire you and in whom you felt great trust. This is hugely important in the healing process. And congratulations on your continued good health! May you always be well and happy! Joyful greetings, Sam 🙂

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    • Thank you, Sam. And let me just say that your blog has really stuck with me – I can’t wait to check it out more. I’m taking away from it the importance of rising above ‘labels’ – I sometimes find different inspiration in posts than their intention so hopefully you may understand what I mean…..

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      • Thank you Tammi, and yes “rising above labels” – or stepping outside invisible prisons – is definitely something I advocate. Love & blessings, Sam 🙂

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    • Well hello fellow Hawaiian traveler! I’ve now returned, and will continue to be in ‘eager to return’ mode. Hawaii is simply heavenly! I saw on the news months ago that the crater at the top of the Volcano Nat’l Park was then a lava lake – did you witness that?

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    • Your ‘Little Voice’ speaks volumes – your sincerity comes through so naturally! Maui was a blessing in so many different ways and I plan to never lose sight of them. I’m looking forward to more of your ‘Little Voice’ !


  3. I just saw my surgeon for the last visit over 5 years with regard to breast cancer. He has turned me back over to the care of the Doctor who initially found the cancer in my breast. The surgeon and I hope not to see each other again 😉

    I found this wonderful little powerhouse of a doctor when I was in hospital for depression. She was meticulous and very thorough and she told me she was not taking on new patients. However, I managed to squeeze onto her patient list and I’ve been well cared for ever since.

    She does not have all the bells and whistles and comforts of your Doctor and her office, but she is a little ball of energy just doing what she does best and I’m very glad to be in her care.

    Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

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    • Just like me, your blessings began even before your diagnosis as the path was paved for you to be under the care of your powerhouse of a doctor. There’s no doubt in my mind that God had my doctor planned for me long ahead of my needing her. I am happy to hear you have passed the five year mark – I still have almost 2 yrs to go yet. From your earlier comment, it comforts me to know you understand how our lives will never be the same. And that’s not saying we live in fear of it coming back everyday – that’s saying we’re thankful for the beautiful life lessons it taught us as we appreciate each day we have like we weren’t able to before.

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