33 thoughts on “This Child Says “It’s OK Mommy, I’m With you”

  1. This is one of the most terrifying things I have seen in my lifetime. The child’s voice haunts me, I do truly wish that she and her family will receive counseling. As for me I give the only things I can give, my prayers, love and light

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    • Your comments expresses my feelings as well….I hear that little child’s voice in my head even – and still choke up. I pray that her life is such that she will be the light to others as she grows as she was to her Mom and so many, many of us in the awful aftermath…..

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  2. I am concerned by this. I hope you don’t mind me saying. I worry about fanning fires. I worry about no one talking about police being ill trained on how to deal with coming up with someone carrying a gun. That cop was freaking out. It was obvious in the video. What I worry about the most is no one is talking about gun laws. Why are people walking/driving around with guns? Black, white green or purple, why? I watched Detroit burn. I know about race, but this is bigger than race and if we solely attach only that to our view on the situation, we are only making the problem more.
    I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind. I find the entire situation upsetting.

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    • No, this is what comments are for and I believe it’s the situation as a whole that we need to start healing with having conversations. Conversations that start with the people and grow to by the people, for the people. Fanning the fires is not what this was, though. I agree with all you are saying except that statement. First off to me, if there is a child involved, my attention goes to that child. I believe that if we do not put children first, there is no hope, because they basically are our hope. There is not a chance on God’s green earth of healing these problems in our present generation. And failing to see that importance, we fail in every step known to mankind. Be it morals, finances, world peace, abortion, race, gun control, environment, global warming, healthcare – if it’s a reality, it’s a failure if we do not look upon solutions with the moral equivalency that we, as caring parents, would use in raising our children.

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      • Yes, agree completely, but I will still say that if we do not include more than race in this discussion, then it is indeed fanning the fires, the result of which we see. If we attach race as the ONLY reason then in a way we are self perpetuating the problem. Just my opinion. : )

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  3. Hard. Gut wrenchingly hard. An d people still say, but if he would have… I honestly believe God wrapped that child up and spoke to her mother with God’s words. He was there. He was listening, letting her know that he had not forsaken her. My Jesus, my mercy. I can’t watch it and reading it is as painful. Being still today… Thank you for posting, friend. Bless you.

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    • That is very much what I believe also – that God let that child whisper peace to her mother and helped her rein in a situation that could have gotten even worse – for her mother, I mean. (Hard to imagine it being any worse, but….)

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    • That was me, too….and I still choke up thinking about it. I truly believe God used that precious child to help her Mom through that horrible situation. And I pray that child continues to let God use her as she grows older, and not let bitterness of what happened rob her of her joy. So heartbreaking.

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    • I certainly understand … it wasn’t my intention at all to put it here in the form of voyeurism by any means. And it’s entirely possible that we didn’t get ‘all’ of the facts from the video – but the facts that are there show it’s impossible to dispute that this was an unavoidable death. Heartbreaking.

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