Are you a Christian?  Simplest question ever asked, regardless of any complications one allows to stifle the answer.


If so, the time has arrived when there can be no question as to whether or not you will respond to the duty you are being called to act upon.


You must cast your vote for the President of your United States.


I challenge every breathing person to look around and name the force in control of the world.  And for any complicators, that force is biblically stated.


Until recently, I, like many others, saw the selection of one candidate over the other as a choice between the lesser of two evils.


Then it was called to my attention that there is one difference that gives a bottom line answer.


To any of us who believe we are more than the evolution of a primate, the choice is clear.


We choose life, in every sense of the word.  And all the troubles of the world become bearable.  And in that choice there is no senseless killing of unborn babies.


Only one candidate makes this same choice.


Your failure to vote on November 8 is your vote for the biblically named enemy.


May a shudder travel up your spine.




  1. Thank you Tammi. Our Country is at a cross road, and the election this year is crucial. I don’t like dynasty. The lies and fakes disappoint me. I always vote. I know every vote counts. Thank you for stopping by my blog and follow. I share my faith and conviction, and count my blessing everyday.

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      • One blogger said, “you speak so bluntly.” I said, “I’m not good in writing fiction stories. I could, but my time and energy is limited. So being honest is my choice.” My daughter reads my blog and she said she learns a lot. So if I write just for her, that would be the legend I pass down to her. 🙂 Nice meeting you, Tammi. See you again soon.

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  3. Thank you so much Tammi for stating this. I choose life. This voting season I am casting my vote for the party who supports life. It was very clear cut for me when it came down to that. I also love Pence’s unapologetic stance on life.

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  4. If only Republicans had showed themselves to be supportive of life. Their alleged pro-lifeness have changed nothing these decades. Words about abortion are only words about abortion, if a party’s candidate is one who is willing and likely to mass-kill visible people, which he has said too often to downplay.


    • If you look around in your immediate surroundings, I am beyond doubt that you will find examples of ‘republicans’ (I hate labels!) backing up their beliefs with actions. I say, IMMEDIATE surroundings. We have all been to consumed by mindless bureaucrats on a global scale who have the mighty dollar as their focus for so long that the actions of those otherwise inclined have been too puny to matter in the ‘hurricane’ of destruction. More than anything else, we need a clear, strong change of direction. The pairing of the two present republicans offset and complement one another to provide direction AND protection.

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