Every Media Outlet Except Fox Should Be Included In the Indictments !


I’ve been checking each night on how the early voting predictions are weighing in for electoral vote predictions.

Not tonight.

Tonight the news is taking an entirely new direction.  It should no longer be a question of who will win the election.

Now, it is watching the steps of how our Department of Justice and the current Resident of the Oval Office will handle the truths coming out on the gross mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton.  And the shocking details of the Pay to Play Hillary standard!

I have been scanning all of the news outlets and all of them except Fox are focusing on Melania’s comments regarding bullying of students and comically ‘attempting’ to stifle laughs.  They are praising Obama’s high approval rating and his campaign trail to support his cohort.

People, this election is becoming a farce for a far more drastic reason than the childish volleying of who can hit lower.  Switch over to Fox and get reporting on what’s going on with the email investigations and the corrupt relationships between Hillary’s State Department and the Foundation.

That there is even a remote possibility that Hillary Clinton could become our next president is the biggest farce of all.  Based on the facts now evident, she is a felon who has not been convicted – yet –  because of the power of these corrupt high offices and all the constituents involved in her corrupt pay to play.

One corrupt allegation after another.  On top of the dire state of our country from one issue to the next – which started with Clinton’s NAFTA and followed on through the defunct Obama administration.

Come on people – ‘President’ Hillary Clinton – Really?


36 thoughts on “Every Media Outlet Except Fox Should Be Included In the Indictments !

  1. Free objective press is the foundation for our democracy – the 4th estate as it’s been described. Without it – and with all of the citizen journalists now vying for their 15 minutes – we are with few alternatives for objective reporting. Frankly, I do watch Fox and their reporting resonates the most with me, but they also could use a refresher in fair and unbiased coverage. Peace & Love —CC

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    • Yes, I agree; with you on both counts on Fox. Until a few months ago, I got may daily dose of current events from the GMA team – but George Stepanopoulos’ agenda began to be too biased to stomach any longer. Now I’m full on Fox. We definitely need free objective press and I am hoping that with what we have been thru the few weeks and months just past that we’ll as a whole demonstrate that we’ll take no less than professional, unbiased reporting.

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      • I live in Portugal, where there is no Fox News, my former station of choice. (I do agree they need to look again at their “fair and balanced” declaration.) I watch BBC, France 24, Al Jazeera, RT (Russian Television), and of course, CNN to get the hype. If the American public heard from European news sources about Hillary (“a vote for her is a vote for continued war, arms giveaways,” etc.,) and Trump (“the world at least has a chance with the man for peace, trade, and prosperity”) they would be shocked. Maybe not. Clinton supporters would still find a way to blame her persecution on that snarky right-wing conspiracy.

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        • How true – and how refreshing to hear the objective view from your country. It is most amazing tonight to watch the Clinton camp STILL trying to give the margin of votes to Hillary when the facts are becoming more blatantly obvious that Trump is affecting an almost landslide win. Thank God! Hope is in the air!

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  5. I cannot understand why an American would even contemplate Voting for Clinton, she is totally corrupt and always has been along with the husband. Must say, as someone from England, I hope I cause no offence to America. For someone on this post to say Clinton is the lesser evil so in other words should win is absolutely ludicrous. Only today it has been said that our PM and the Government and Opposition are dreading a Trump win they would prefer Clinton, well not surprising when we have as much corruption here on both sides of the House. As for Britain and Democracy, one only has to look at yesterday in the UK my Right to Vote has been taken from me by a bunch of bullies and thugs. I voted democratically to come out of Europe now I am told that should be overthrown, watch out America. The Queen here has no say in Politics thank heavens, well not publicly if Trump becomes President she will have to meet him, as for her Husband he will certainly look forward to meeting your New First Lady.

    I shall be staying up all night next week to watch your Election Results, fingers/toes and everything else crossed for a Trump Win. Clinton if she gets in she will within such a short time cause severe problems with Putin, watch the body bags come back because of her. Good luck next week, most of all, please Stay Safe. All the very best.

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    • You are so right on all counts … and it is just as frustrating to hear of your rights being swiped out from under you as well….Never would I have truly thought either of our countries would be in such dire straits. And I’m with you on the lack of understanding as to how any of us can in any kind of consciousness cast a vote for Hillary…it literally leaves me speechless to hear anyone defend her. It’s very agitating and I hope I don’t physically come across someone right in front of me defending her or I’m afraid I’ll be drug right into the ruckas myself! As to safety, I’m very concerned that we are on the verge of a violence the likes of which we haven’t known. Thanks for your kind comments – All the very best to you also!

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  6. I am going to add some things to what V Pub said. I would recommend researching White gate, Travelgate. They are a few criminal actives involving the Clintons. Hillary was involved with the investigation into Watergate. She was fire from that investigation for a fraudulent legal brief, and confiscated public documents. She was under the name of Rodham then (her maiden name). You can say scandals with her go way back to Nixon even though she hasn’t been charged in some of those.

    Considering what happen back then and recently I couldn’t in good conscious vote Hillary.

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    • Yes, my personal opinion is – and again I say this is just my own gut feeling – is that she and Bill have been in collusion since before their nuptials and what we are witnessing now is not the culmination of their sinister plans as leaders of the free country, but the toppling of their empire. And if the Justice Dept and White House gets full behind the investigation, the core of corruption will go much deeper than any of us are currently aware.

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  7. It seems, from an outsiders perspective, that the USA has got itself in a complete mess. The choice between two candidates who are both crooks and obnoxious. The more I hear about Trump’s tax dodges, dealings with the mafia, dealings with Russia, his serial sex offending, employment record on blacks, misogyny and racism the more I wonder how such a crass person ever became a candidate. Then I look at Hilary and it’s almost as bad.
    How did two such people rise to the top?
    For me it is a question of which one will do the least harm. Hilary will do the least harm. Trump could do a lot of damage.


    • Hi Opher. I think that the jury is still out on his ‘serial sex offending’. For something that is more substantive, you should read about Hilary and Bill chumming around with Jeffery Epstein, a convicted pedophile. So much for Hilary’s concern about the children. The FBI has investigated Trump and so far has no evidence about his dealings with Russia. As a business person with real estate the world over, I wouldn’t be too concerned with this. However, if there are ties to the Kremlin? He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
      Hilary will do the least damage? She’s already caused significant world wide damage with her actions as Secretary of State. See Syria and Libya. She’s been under FBI investigation for over 16 months for breaking the law with a private server, which news now reveals has been hacked at least 5 times by international entities. Not only was she under investigation, but she’s lied about it every step of the way, until the proof was irrefutable and she could no longer lie. The Clinton Foundation is under investigation for accepting money from foreign governments for access to the US government (hence the private email server to hide those activities). The current administration, which she was part of and still supports, used the Internal Revenue Service to attack opponents of The Obama Administration. Her husband meeting the Lynch – the head of the US Justice Department – prior to the Hilary testimony to the FBI. He waited 45 minutes on the tarmac to meet her, ostensibly to talk about fishing and grandchildren. I wonder what was so secretive about those topics that made Lynch prohibit any photography pertaining to that meeting?
      In summary, the collusion of the executive branch of the government, the internal revenue, and the justice department creates a massive and disturbing government overreach into the private sector and is the most dangerous threat to our democracy than any groping loser candidate can possibly be. I prefer an ineffective and neutered Trump presidency, with the promise that these following 4 years will vanquish the Clintons and their associated corruption forever.

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      • Kudos for stating the bulk of this embarrassing and dangerous situation quite to the point. But in light of it all, I am beginning to wonder if Trump may not after all be the instrument to begin turning our nation around. Had any of the other candidates won the Republican nomination, would they have been brash enough to have kept hounding this situation as Trump has? Yes, there is much he is not experienced in for running a country – but in all his transgressions, I feel that his openness to expose his own opinions, some vile they may be, makes his honesty – so far – blatant. A staunch supporter I have not yet been, but he could very well be the saving grace for our nation as he at least stands up to the many “that’s just wrong’s” – to use his words.

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        • I can see your points about him. I should have been more clear about it. I think that having Trump as president, even if it only lasts 4 years, accomplishes the greatest goal. That is, to finally get rid of the Clintons with their decades long history of corruption, send a clear and strong message to the ruling class that we’re done with their ineffective rule. I do remain firm in my belief that her election would be a clear threat to our democracy in ways that are beyond what her policies would be.

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          • Yes, I agree. I am hearing so many people say that they are voting Trump just to keep Clinton out, which if it accomplishes that first and foremost, the main objective has been successful. That strong message is what I am hoping will be the starting point for many changes. Thank you for your concise comments. Enjoy the last days of this phenomenal election process!

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    • Please read V Pubs comments on this post – it is a very clear summation of why it would be an atrocity to place a Clinton again in the White House. But let me just add, in reference to tax dodging, that Trump as a businessman – which is what he is and not a politician – used the very means written into the tax codes that buffet the wealthy and are part of the ‘pay to play’ of any crooked politician. By his not paying taxes, he was utilizing what was legally lawful in allowing him to do so. It would be unwise for any successful business person not to do so. What IS unwise is that those laws are in the codes to begin with – put there by people such as the Clinton’s as a bargaining tool to accomplish their underhand and hidden agendas.

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  8. Well said, Tammi. It goes to show the insincerity of most of the media in purporting to be pro-woman. If that were truly the case, they would praise an immigrant who came here and made a success of her life.
    I won’t even start on Hillary and corruption. There’s not enough space here.

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